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Grab this simple Slice promo code to save up to 50% off and score yourself a deal. ShowCoupons finds and tests the best coupon codes and discount codes for you.

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Grab this simple Slice promo code to save up to 50% off and score yourself a deal. ShowCoupons finds and tests the best coupon codes and discount codes for you.

Slice Savings Tips

  • There are 5% to 10% off savings that you can get from some of your local pizzerias using the Slice of Life smartphone app. This depends on the pizzeria’s participation in the Slice of Life app.
  • Click on your favorite pizzeria in the app. You may see a clickable bar underneath the pizzeria’s name, rating, and hours of operation. It will have a green “$” with “x Deals Available.” Click on this to see the pizza specials at your favorite pizzeria.
  • There is a section in the app in the “My Slice” section that says “Deepest discounts.” Browse the pizzerias in this section to save the most money on pizza delivery in your local area.
  • Choose the pickup option to save from having to pay a delivery fee or tip to the driver.
  • After you open an account with Slice, you can watch your email address for the latest promo codes from Slice to save anywhere from $3 to $10 on your order.

Does Slice Offer Free Delivery?

Delivery fees are up to the discretion of your local pizzeria. Some pizzerias offer free delivery. Delivery fees range from $2 to $4.

Redeeming Slice’s Coupon Codes

Coupon codes help you to save extra on your pizza delivery order. Always be on the lookout for coupon codes, so you can get the optimal savings on your takeout pizza. You can only enter one coupon code per transaction. Redeem a coupon code on the Slice app by going to your checkout cart. Input your payment information and home address. You will be taken to the final details part of the checkout page. Scroll down. After your order list, you will see a Promo Code bar. Input your coupon into this empty bar. Click “Apply.” You will see your coupon code’s savings amount applied to the final cost list at the bottom of the page.

How Do You Contact Slice?

There are three ways to contact Slice’s customer support team. Call Slice at (888) 974-9928 if you need help with a pizza order. The number to text Slice Customer Support is (234)-575-4237. You can also go to your Slice app. Click on your account profile icon, which is in the left corner of the homepage. Select “Customer Support.” Click on “Chat us” to chat with customer service directly via the Slice app. If you are accessing the Slice website, go to the very bottom of the homepage. There is a heading that says “Let Us Help You.” Click on “24/7 Support” which is under this heading. While it does not take you to a customer service page, you will see a pop-up window where you can view the customer service contact information. You may also get quick answers to your questions on the FAQ page.

About Slice

Slice is a company founded by Ilir Sela to meet the challenge his family’s pizzerias in NYC faced. Their goal is to help local small business pizzerias save money on getting pizza to their customers. They are also helping pizza lovers to save money on their pizza orders. There are over 12,000 local pizzerias throughout the United States partnered with Slice. Almost 5 million pizza lovers are signed up for Slice whether on the website or via the app. Because of this, pizzerias have saved $130,000,000 collectively.

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